International Journal of the Commons

Vol 8, No 2 (2014)

Special feature: Introducing SESMAD: The Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database (Guest editor: M. Cox)

Special feature: Spatialities of the Commons (Guest editor: T. Moss)

Table of Contents

Introducing SESMAD: The Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database (Guest editor: M. Cox)

Understanding large social-ecological systems: introducing the SESMAD project Abstract  html  PDF
Michael Cox 265-276
Into the deep blue sea: Commons theory and international governance of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Abstract  html  PDF
Graham Epstein, Mateja Nenadovic, André Boustany 277-303
Evaluating the utility of common-pool resource theory for understanding forest governance and outcomes in Indonesia between 1965 and 2012 Abstract  html  PDF
Forrest D Fleischman, Brent Loken, Gustavo A. Garcia-Lopez, Sergio Villamayor-Tomas 304-336
Governing the invisible commons: Ozone regulation and the Montreal Protocol Abstract  html  PDF
Graham Epstein, Irene Pérez, Michael Schoon, Chanda L Meek 337-360
From Sandoz to Salmon: Conceptualizing resource and institutional dynamics in the Rhine watershed through the SES framework Abstract  html  PDF
Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, Forrest D. Fleischman, Irene Perez Ibarra, Andreas Thiel, Frank van Laerhoven 361-395
Keeping the ‘Great’ in the Great Barrier Reef: large-scale governance of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Abstract  html  PDF
Louisa S. Evans, Natalie C. Ban, Michael Schoon, Mateja Nenadovic 396-427
Governing large-scale social-ecological systems: Lessons from five cases Abstract  html  PDF
Forrest D Fleischman, Natalie C. Ban, Louisa S. Evans, Graham Epstein, Gustavo Garcia-Lopez, Sergio Villamayor-Tomas 428-456

Spatialities of the Commons (Guest editor: T. Moss)

Spatiality of the Commons Abstract  html  PDF
Timothy Moss 457-471
Polyrational property: rules for the many uses of land Abstract  html  PDF
Benjamin Davy 472-492
Rediscovering nature as commons in environmental planning: new understandings through dialogue Abstract  html  PDF
Mikaela Vasstrom 493-512
Struggling for the use of urban streets: preliminary (historical) comparison between European and Indian cities Abstract  html  PDF
Angela Jain, Massimo Moraglio 513-530
Basic education in communist Hungary. A commons approach Abstract  html  PDF
Ferenc Gyuris 531-553

Research articles

Nested governance for effective REDD+: Institutional and political arguments Abstract  html  PDF
Prakash Kashwan, Robert Holahan 554-575
Meanings and robustness: Propositions for enhancing benefit sharing in social-ecological systems Abstract  html  PDF
Ernita van Wyk, Charles Breen, Wayne Freimund 576-594
Incentives, conditionality and collective action in payment for environmental services Abstract  html  PDF
John M. Kerr, Mamta Vardhan, Rohit Jindal 595-616
The effect of constrained communication and limited information in governing a common resource Abstract  html  PDF
Marco Janssen, Madeline Tyson, Allen Lee 617-635
The promise of common pool resource theory and the reality of commons projects Abstract  html  PDF
Fred P. Saunders 636-656
Why do individuals behave differently in commons dilemmas? The case of alpine farmers using common property pastures in Grindelwald, Switzerland Abstract  html  PDF
Ivo Baur, Karina Liechti, Claudia Rebecca Binder 657-685

Book reviews

Wall, Derek (2014). The Sustainable Economics of Elinor Ostrom: Commons, contestation and craft. New York & London: Routledge  html  PDF
John M. Anderies 686-687
Burkart, Patrick (2014). Pirate Politics: The New Information Policy Contests. Cambridge (MA): The MIT Press.  html  PDF
Rebecca Wexler 688-689
Lejano, Raul, Mrill Ingram and Helen Ingram (2013). The Power of Narrative in Environmental Networks. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.  html  PDF
Chris Short 690-691
Christnick, Anja and Martina Padmanabhan (eds.) 2013. Cultivate Diversity! A handbook on Transdisciplinary approaches to Agrobiodiversity Research. Weikersheim: Margraf Publishers, Scientific Books.  html  PDF
Heidi Wittmer 692-693
Van Lange, Paul A. M., Bettina Rockenbach and Toshio Yamagishi (eds.) 2014. Reward and Punishment in Social Dilemmas. New York, USA: Oxford University Press.  html  PDF
Jens Rommel 694-695

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