International Journal of the Commons

Vol 8, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Commons in a changing Europe - Part 2 (Guest editors: A. Sandberg, I. Theesfeld, and A. Schlueter)

The role of agri-environmental contracts in saving biodiversity in the post-socialist Czech Republic Abstract  html  PDF
Jaroslav Prazan, Insa Theesfeld 1-25

Research articles

Can partnerships and community-based conservation reverse the decline of coral reef social-ecological systems? Abstract  html  PDF
James Barclay Frey, Fikret Berkes 26-46
Implementing punishment and reward in the public goods game: the effect of individual and collective decision rules Abstract  html  PDF
Nynke Van Miltenburg, Vincent Buskens, Davide Barrera, Werner Raub 47-78
Misperceptions of feedbacks and the resilience of common-pool resource systems: a discussion for irrigation systems based on loop dominance analysis Abstract  html  PDF
Newton Paulo Bueno 79-106
When the enemy is the state: common lands management in northwest Spain (1850–1936) Abstract  html  PDF
José A Serrano Alvarez 107-133
Community-based management of Tricholoma matsutake (S. Ito and S. Imai) Singer: a case study of South Korean mountain villages Abstract  html  PDF
Terry van Gevelt 134-154
Harvesting a knowledge commons: collective action, transparency, and innovation at the Portland Fish Exchange Abstract  html  PDF
Jennifer F. Brewer 155-178
Private and communal lands? The ramifications of ambiguous resource tenure and regional integration in Northern Bolivia Abstract  html  PDF
Stephen Perz, Grenville Barnes, Alexander Shenkin, Daniel Rojas, Carlos Vaca 179-206
External impacts on traditional commons and present-day changes: a case study of iriai forests in Yamaguni district, Kyoto, Japan Abstract  html  PDF
Daisaku Shimada 207-235
The evolution of self-organizing communication networks in high-risk social-ecological systems Abstract  html  PDF
Ramiro Berardo 236-258

Book reviews

Anderies, John M. and Marco A. Janssen (2013). Sustaining the Commons. Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity, Arizona State University.  html  PDF
Giangiacomo Bravo 259-260
Hudson, Julie and Paul Donovan (2014). Food Policy and the Environmental Credit Crunch. From Soup to Nuts. London and New York: Routledge.  html  PDF
Heiko Fritz 261-262
Kettunen, M. and P. ten Brink (eds.) 2013. Social and Economic Benefits of Protected Areas: an Assessment Guide. Adbingdon: Routledge.  html  PDF
Moira Michaela Maria Moeliono 263-264

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