Announcement: Ostrom Memorial Award

Ostrom Memorial Award Winners Gallery

The International Journal of the Commons is pleased to present the Ostrom Memorial Award for Most Innovative Paper of the Year published in our journal.  The award comes with a prize of 250 euros with a fee waiver for their next publication.

2014: Ivo Baur, Karina Liechti, and Claudia Rebecca Binder: Why do individuals behave differently in commons dilemmas? The case of alpine farmers using common property pastures in Grindelwald, Switzerland

2013: Graham Epstein, Jessica M Vogt, Sarah K Mincey, Michael Cox, and Burney Fischer: Missing ecology: integrating ecological perspectives with the social-ecological system framework

2012: Anne M. Larson, Jadder Lewis-Mendoza: Decentralisation and devolution in Nicaragua’s North Atlantic autonomous region: Natural resources and indigenous peoples’ rights

The award is voted on by the journal's editorial board. They took into consideration the following broad-stroke criteria:

1. Theoretically innovative: The authors have moved beyond commonly used (commons) theory. Approach and results have significantly added to our conventional frameworks.

2. Methodologically innovative: In terms of research design, operationalization, data collection and/or analysis, the authors have ventured off the beaten track.

3. High societal relevance: The topic that the authors have studied can be argued to be of importance not only to academia, but also to both practitioners and commoners.

4. Widely applicable: The external validity of the results is such that insights can be applied to contexts that differ from the research topic.

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