International Journal of the Commons

Vol 9, No 2 (2015)

Special feature:The commons of developed industrialized countries

Table of Contents

The commons of developed industrialized countries (Guest editors: E. Berge and M. McKean)

On the commons of developed industrialized countries Abstract  html  PDF
Erling Berge, Margaret Mckean 469-485
Multi-level natural resources governance based on local community: A case study on semi-natural grassland in Tarōji, Nara, Japan Abstract  html  PDF
Daisaku Shimada 486-509
Commons and the legacy of the past. Regulation and uses of common lands in twentieth century Spain Abstract  html  PDF
Jose-Miguel Lana, Iñaki Iriarte-Goñi 510-532
On enclosure Norwegian style Abstract  html  PDF
Erling Berge, Anne Sigrid Haugset 533-551
Democratic legitimacy and new commons: examples from English protected areas Abstract  html  PDF
Margherita Pieraccini 552-572

Research articles

Rationality and complexity in the work of Elinor Ostrom Abstract  html  PDF
Arturo Lara 573-594
Building a diagnostic ontology of social-ecological systems Abstract  html  PDF
Ulrich J Frey, Michael Cox 595-618
Land access and livelihoods in post-conflict Timor-Leste: no magic bullets Abstract  html  PDF
Simon P.J. Batterbury, Lisa Palmer, Thomas Reuter, Demetrio do Amaral de Carvalho, Balthasar Kehi, Alex Cullen 619-647
Implementation of pasture leasing rights for mobile pastoralists – a case study on institutional change during post-socialist reforms in Azerbaijan Abstract  html  PDF
Regina Neudert, Michael Ruehs, Volker Beckmann 648-669
Institutions for sustainable forest governance: Robustness, equity, and cross-level interactions in Mawlyngbna, Meghalaya, India Abstract  html  PDF
Christoph Oberlack, Philipp LaHaela Walter, Joachim Schmerbeck, B K Tiwari 670-697
A study of institutional origins and change in a Canadian urban commons Abstract  html  PDF
James P. Robson, Andrew J. Sinclair, Alan P. Diduck 698-719
Private provision of a public good: cooperation and altruism of internet forum users Abstract  html  PDF
Alejandro Ros-Galvez, Alfonso Rosa-Garcia 720-743
Turning conflict into collaboration in managing commons: A case of Rupa Lake Watershed, Nepal Abstract  html  PDF
Pashupati Chaudhary, Netra B. Chhetri, Brian Dorman, Tom Gegg, Ram B. Rana, Milan Shrestha, Keshab Thapa, Krishna Lamsal, Surya Thapa 744-771
Evaluating local rules and practices for avoiding tragedies in small-scale fisheries of oxbow lakes, Southern Bangladesh Abstract  html  PDF
Abdullah Al Mamun, Ryan K. Brook 772-807
Making Ostrom’s framework applicable to characterise social ecological systems at the local level Abstract  html  PDF
María del Mar Delgado-Serrano, Pablo Ramos 808-830
Responding to disturbances: lessons from a Mayan socio-ecological system Abstract  html  PDF
Gabriela González-Cruz, Eduardo García-Frapolli, Alejandro Casas, Juan Manuel Dupuy 831-850
Bridging knowledge systems to enhance governance of environmental commons: A typology of settings Abstract  html  PDF
Kaitlyn Joanne Rathwell, Derek Armitage, Fikret Berkes 851-880
A social-ecological systems framework for food systems research: accommodating transformation systems and their products Abstract  html  PDF
Graham R. Marshall 881-908
Multilevel governance challenges in transitioning towards a national approach for REDD+: evidence from 23 subnational REDD+ initiatives Abstract  html  PDF
Ashwin Ravikumar, Anne M. Larson, Amy E. Duchelle, Rodd Myers, Jazmin Gonzales Tovar 909-931

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