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Special Collection

Spatialities of the Commons

Collection launched: 27 Nov 2020
This special collection explores the importance of geography to the commons and its governance, critically appraising the existing literature on this theme, highlighting important contributions from recent research and mapping out a future research agenda. There is little explicit attention that has been paid to date to the spatial dimensions of the commons. On the one hand the literature on the commons conceives of spatiality primarily as the local, physical context of commons use and regulation. On the other hand, the spatial science literature for generally neglecting the commons, both conceptually and empirically. This collection pinpoints important exceptions in the fields of human geography and planning studies, assessing how these works contribute to a more thorough and robust understanding of the relationship between spatiality, the commons and their governance. The analysis of these select works making explicit reference to the commons is complemented with a reflection on how broader debates in the spatial sciences can enrich spatial research on the commons.