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Special Collection

The role of context, scale, and interdependencies in successful commons governance

Collection launched: 27 Nov 2020
The authors of the manuscripts in this special collection wanted to engage in an explicit comparison of design principles and outcomes across CPR types. Second, they wanted to examine the combinations of design principles associated with success and whether the combinations varied by CPR type. Third, the original CPR data set collected by Ostrom et al. (1989) did not include data on the design principles. The effort was to use the original CPR coding forms to construct measures of the design principles so that the original CPR data set (Ostrom et al. 1989) could be merged with the Cox et al. (2010) data set. In setting out to achieve these goals, the scholars ended up addressing a number of issues that took them beyond their original idea of comparative analysis of CPR systems. This special collection reflects the research team’s experiences and findings in engaging in a complex research program whose starting point was data collected by a different team of scholars. The manuscripts make important methodological and theoretical contributions to a major research program on common pool resources begun by Elinor Ostrom in the 1980s.